snowglobe ornaments

 A few years back, for safety reasons, we swapped out our glass ornaments with plastic unbreakable ones - with the exception of a handful of really pretty personalized glass pieces that I place at the top of the tree, away from sticky little hands.  Well, this year, our tree tipped over and shattered those last few cherished glass ornaments.  The kids were pretty upset over their broken "special name ornaments" so I decided to make them some unbreakable personalized ones. These snow globe ornaments are super easy to make and budget friendly.  Each ornament only took about 3 minutes to complete, so I ended up making several more to hand out to Jaden and Everly's friends.

To make the snow globe ornaments, you'll need:

Clear plastic ornaments (I used iridescent plastic ones)
Artificial snow flakes
Mini christmas trees (I purchased mine from target dollar spot)
Alphabet stickers
Glue gun
Funnel (if you don't have a funnel, use paper as a makeshift funnel)
Embellishments (I used mini pine cones)

(All of the materials can be found at any craft store)

Step 1:  Open the top of the ornament.  Put a little bit of hot glue on the base of the mini christmas trees and use tweezers to carefully place inside the ornament.

Step 2:  Use funnel to drop artificial snow inside the ornament.  I filled it about one fourth of the way. You may need to use the tweezers to help push the snow through the funnel.

Step 3:  Use tweezers to place embellishments inside.  I used mini pine cones inside my ornaments and did not glue them down because I like how they roll around inside.

Step 4: Close the ornament and use the letter stickers to create any name or word of your choosing.  Depending on the type of stickers being used, you may need to utilize a bit of hot glue if you don't want the letters to eventually curl off the ornament.  I used really thick 3D stickers, so I put a little bit of hot glue at the top and bottom of the letters to ensure that they won't peel off.

Step 5:  Wrap it up to gift or place it on your tree and admire.  ;)

Happy holiday crafting!

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