everly turned three yesterday and we had a fun filled day celebrating as a family.  we went to the magnificent mile lights festival, and as expected, the event was super crowded. i didn't get to capture any pictures, but seeing the way her face gleamed when all of the christmas lights lit up, made standing elbow to elbow in the 1.2 MILLION person crowd totally worth it. everly's favorite part was seeing mickey and minnie mouse lead the parade.  her birthday request was a trip to chuck e cheese and a "green vanilla cake with lots-a lots-a strawberries on top" and we delivered.

my dearest everly,

words cannot describe the joy and happy chaos you bring to this family. you are the most rambunctious, vibrant, and animated person i know.  you don't just walk, you skip and dance.  you don't just laugh, you shriek in delight.  you don't just talk, you sing.    you are silly, and you constantly crack jokes.  and to top it off you have the scruffiest, most contagious laugh that i've ever heard. then, when you're unhappy, you make it known to everyone and everything in sight.  it's amazing how such a tiny little being can contain so much emotion.

currently, you are obsessed with superheroes and all things hello kitty.  dinosaurs,  hot wheels, and play doh are your everyday go-to toys.  your favorite foods are berries of all sorts, cucumbers, pizza, spaghetti, and steak.  unlike your brother, you absolutely love meat.  you prefer hard candies and lollipops over chocolates.  and your favorite ice cream flavor is plain ol' vanilla.

i'd be lying if i said your twos were a breeze for me, but now that your massive meltdowns and tantrums have significantly abated, it's so much fun being able to actually talk with you.  we negotiate things from breakfast to dinner, and everything in between. you're quite a chatterbox these days and your imagination is full of things that even i can't comprehend.  you are still an avid thumb sucker, but i'm hoping that you kick the habit soon.   i am so excited to see what this year brings.  it's bittersweet seeing the traces of baby everly disappear but even more amazing seeing what a beautiful and smart little girl you are becoming.  i love you so much, and i am thankful that i get to be your mom.

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