hello, april!

i've been trying to keep true to my new year's resolution of being more present, and so i significantly reduced my time on the iphone and computer.  i have to say though, intermittently unplugging from instagram and pinterest gave rise to some much needed quality time with the kiddos.  

as many of you know, march in chicago was a weather roller coaster!  while eric was enjoying sunny california for interviews, we were stuck with arctic temperatures.  but i have to admit, the last week of march/first week of april has been beautiful here. we've been taking full advantage of spring and getting out of the house as much as possible.  in our most recent adventures, i've officially become a soccer/ballet mom! 

jaden started soccer lessons this week and he loves it.  it took him a little bit of time to get used to not being able to use his hands to move and stop the ball, but he quickly caught on and now he's been practicing nonstop at home.

[poor everly bored out of her mind watching big brother practice]

everly also started ballet this week but unfortunately it wasn't a success.  she got us kicked out of her first class!!!  she had a complete meltdown because she didn't like the idea of taking a class without big brother. she refused to join in on any exercises and wouldn't stop crying, so the instructor kindly asked us to leave because we were disrupting the rest of the class.  :(  we ended up staying for only ten minutes and when we finally left, everly happily skipped out of the building holding jaden's hand.  hopefully, we'll have better luck next week. 
[runaway ballerina]
[everly's hair bow from MarkItWithAQ]
to top it off, we also have basketball later this week and luckily they are both in the same class, so no one will have to feel bored or left out.  we signed up for all these classes through Chicago Park District and many of them are super affordable.  soccer and basketball was only ten dollars for the entire season and ballet was thirty dollars for a ten week class.  talk about a steal, right?!!!  i learned about these programs through a friend and i thought i'd pass along the info for those of you on a budget like me in the chicago area.  

hope everyone had a wonderful march!  i'm so glad to say hellooo to april.

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