pumpkin patch

last weekend we visited Bengtson's pumpkin patch on their opening weekend and i'm so glad we went earlier this year because it was such a beautiful and warm day.  we've been going to the same pumpkin patch for the last four years and we usually leave with the tips of our fingers and ears practically frozen!  for those of you in the chicago area, we highly recommend bengtson's.  they have a huge pumpkin patch, lots of animals that you can feed (not just goats and bunnies but even alpacas, kangaroos, llamas, and more), a huge corn maze, a corn box pit for kids to jump in, and all the kiddie rides are free (but there is an admission fee). for some reason, i take the most pictures at our pumpkin patch visit than any other event throughout the year, so be warned...photo overload ahead!  enjoy!


and just for fun, here's a comparison of jaden each year since his very first trip to the pumpkin patch!

2010   //   2011   //   2012   //   2013 

happy monday and thanks for stopping by!  

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