popsicle stick haunted house

please excuse the crickets over here on the blog.  it's been an incredibly difficult week and a half.  first, we all came down with some horrible flu and we've been taking turns running fevers to 104 degrees F.  it's absolutely no fun taking care of two sick toddlers while running a high fever yourself.  then, last thursday my perfectly healthy 36 year old cousin died unexpectedly from an unknown cause of cardiac arrest.  on top of that, through the craziness, i might have been a lil careless with the front/back doors, because we now have some sort of rodent in our house - probably a mouse/rat.  i've been busily disinfecting everything it could have possibly come in contact with.  the exterminators are coming later today so hopefully at least that problem will soon be solved.  and to make matters even worse, eric started a new service where is he on call every other day so basically he is never around.  it has definitely been a trying week and a half, filled with sickness, sadness, and anxiety.  

luckily, we are all on the mend and i've finally found some down time to share this Popsicle stick haunted house we made last week.

Popsicle sticks
Small popsicle sticks (optional)
Glue gun
Scissors (heavy duty ones)
Paint (optional)
Assorted Halloween decorations

1. Roof:  to start, line up 20 popsicle sticks and glue five sticks in perpendicular fashion to provide support.  repeat to make other side of roof.  support beams may be placed for added decoration.

2. Front:  to make the front of the house use ten popsicle sticks with two glued in perpendicular fashion to provide support.  cut another ten sticks to size to allow space for a doorway.    (i recommend using heavy duty scissors because you likely break your regular scissors.)  two sticks can be used for door framing.

3. Back: similarly to make the back use ten popsicle sticks. cut the sticks to size to make the window. to provide support use three sticks (two at the edges and one in the middle) glued in perpendicular fashion. add small popsicle sticks (or you can cut regular popsicle sticks) to make the frame of the window.

4. Sides:  use ten uncut regular length popsicle sticks and glue two in perpendicular fashion to provide support.  if you prefer sides with windows, cut the middle four popsicle sticks to desired window size. as above,  add small popsicle sticks (or you can cut regular popsicle sticks) to make the frame of the window.

put the sides, the front, and back together one at a time and glue the edges.   hold until the glue dries. finally place the roof on and glue in place, and we are done!  there is a lot of room for creativity in this project.  the less perfect it is, the more haunted it looks. win, win.

thanks for stopping by, and happy hallow-halloween! wishing you and your families a safe trick or treating season.

*this post was sponsored by Popsicle


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