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so we've had a few changes here at happily everly after.  first off,  we've updated our blog design.  it's still a work in progress so please forgive us if things look a little wonky on your end.  we've decided to make this blog more interactive so we created a facebook page and twitter account.  and you can follow us on pinterest and instagram (@happilyeverlyafter).  comments have also been enabled.  you can still email to say hello but if you have a question regarding a specific post, you can now ask in the comments section. 

with google reader shutting down yesterday, i've personally made the move to bloglovin but you can follow us on any platform such as bloglovin or feedly.  and you'll soon be able to receive posts directly in your inbox.  

in addition, after much thought and consideration, we have decided to take on a few sponsors.  this was a really difficult decision because i find it annoying when blogs are taken over by sponsored posts but we promise to keep it to a minimum and are very selective in our partnerships.  we only work with brands we love and trust.  eric still has two more years of residency (then fellowship) so it's become a bit of a necessity for me to help contribute financially.  so we thank you in advance for supporting the sponsors that make this blog possible.  we'll also be doing our very first giveaway soon!

hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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