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1.  So Young Charlie Diaper Bag in Slate.  I've been using this diaper bag since Everly was 2 months old and I absolutely love it!  The main compartment is not deep but shallow and wide which was what sold me because a lot of diaper bags are so narrow and deep making it impossible to find things.  It's spacious with plenty of pockets and everything is easily accessible.  The only con is that it's made from canvas material so stains don't easily wipe off.  

2.  Planetbox Shuttle.  This snack box fits perfectly into my diaper bag and I usually fill it with snacks like strawberries, crackers, and veggies w/dressing for both my kids.  Jaden hates it when his wet snacks (like strawberries) touch his dry snacks (like crackers) and this is the perfect solution.  Our Shuttle was sent to us courtesy of Planetbox with no obligation.  It's included in our list because we love it so much and it's become a regular item in my diaper bag.   We also have the Planetbox Rover (purchased over a year ago), which is much bigger that we use for longer outings like trips to the zoo or the museum.  

3.  Foogo Straw Bottle.  I carry two of these (one for each child) filled with juice, water, or milk.  It says it keeps beverages cold and fresh for 10 hours but I've found it's really more like 4-5 hours max.  This straw bottle is currently my favorite because leaks are minimal and it's the only one that I've tried that actually keeps drinks cold which is so necessary during this hot summer season.  

4.  Episencial Sunscreen.  During the summer, I carry sunscreen for the kids and this brand is the one currently in my diaper bag.  I like it because it's rated as one of the safest sunscreens for babies on EWG but I'm also not entirely in love with it because it's not waterproof and leaves a lot of white residue.  It's always so hard to find the perfect sunscreen!  I think we'll try this one next.

5.  Gap Striped Onesie.  I always keep an extra outfit in my bag for Everly.  Onesies are versatile and take up very little space.  Gap usually has really soft and simple ones like the one shown above.  

6.  H&M Leggings.  In addition to a onesie, I always keep an extra pair of leggings for Everly as well.  This one is super soft and I love the color.  

7.  Wet Ones.  We go through so many of these wipes.  I keep one in my diaper bag and also a canister of Wet Ones in the car.  I prefer wipes over the gels or sprays because you actually wipe off the germs and dirt.

8.  Pampers Sensitive Wipes.  I carry the travel size wipes in my bag and keep a tub of these in the car.  

9.  Pampers Baby Dry Diapers.  I keep three diapers in my bag and leave a few more extras in the car.  

10.  Skip Hop Bib.  I love these bibs because the designs are super cute and there's a build-in tuckable pouch which makes it easy to store.  

What's in my diaper bag usually changes every few months depending upon the season and also my kids.  This is what I carry right now on a regular basis with a three and a half year old and nineteen month old.  I also leave a bag in the car filled with extra diapers, wipes, a lightweight outfit and jacket for both my kids, a blanket, water bottles, and an emergency kit.  In the summers, I also keep swimsuits and towels in the car diaper bag for impromptu waterpark trips.  

Happy Monday!

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