letter to everly

dear everly,

how are you already one and a half?  you've been so advanced in all of your physical milestones, i feel like you were never a baby.  although, i still do remember that one very long month when you were two months old and you would cry nonstop for eighteen hours straight.  yup, EIGHTEEN HOURS.  s.t.r.a.i.g.h.t.  okay fine, out of pure exhaustion your wailing would stop for a whole minute once an hour if i was lucky.  boy, we sure have come a long way since then.

your rambunctious personality always keep me on my toes! you already have a sense of humor and i'd say you're laughing or smiling 80% of the time that you're awake (sometimes, even in your sleep).  at eighteen months you are obsessed with birds. i swear it's your life mission to try to catch one.  you are an expert climber, and this is why i have a near heart attack on a daily basis.  you move furniture around to get to restricted areas and there isn't a single childproof cap you can't open. 

you bring so much joy to this family.  jaden has become your best friend and idol.  you carefully watch his every move and imitate all of his gestures.  sometimes, i catch the two of you hugging and rolling around on the floor in laughter and it fills my heart entirely.  entirely. i wish i could freeze time and keep this now, forever.  but at the same time i can't wait to have an actual conversation with you and see how your personality unfolds.

i love you so very much.  you make me smile and literally laugh out loud everyday. i'm so thankful to call you mine.