mother's day gift ideas

Since Mother's Day is just around the corner [Sunday, May 12], here are some Mother's Day gift ideas for the mom-tographer in your life [or yourself!]

1. A new stylish camera strap.  This one is from Bloom Theory - I love the neutral grey color [matches any outfit] with the simple but feminine white bow.

2. A fashionable camera bag.  The Allison Mint camera bag is from Jo Totes and can fit a large camera body with attached lens and one or two additional lenses.  It also has five pockets to fit sunglasses, wallet, keys, phone, and even an iPad/tablet.

3. Holga camera. Great for those moms who want to experiment or play around with film.  This is a small plastic camera that takes 120 film.  Why bother with film when we have digital? Because Holga cameras are simply quirky and fun, harkening back to the days of film when we couldn't instantly see our pictures.  Also, the type of images this camera produces is so popular that there is company called Lensbaby that creates lens attachments to your digital camera to produce these distorted Holga-style images.

4. Olloclip.   A set of three different lenses (fisheye, wide-angle, and macro) that slides on to your iPhone.  Great device to enhance and add effects to your iphone photos and videos. 

5. Gorillapod.  Flexible and foldable tripod for your phone or camera that you can use almost anywhere without fear of your device falling or getting damaged. Very useful - especially for a mom-tographer because they never get a chance to actually be in pictures themselves.  You can basically prop or hang your camera anywhere. 

6. A stylish wristlet for her phone.  This Kate Spade iPhone wristlet allows moms to keep their phone at their fingertips in a fashionable way.

7. Editing software.  There are many options in photo editing software - Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, Aperture, etc.  I use Lightroom and absolutely love it.

8. A new shiny phone case.  I love the gold stripes iPhone case by Rifle Paper Co!

9. Joby Sling Strap.  Ergonomically designed specifically  for a woman's body, this strap allows you to be comfortably hands free and access your camera quickly and smoothly.  When I wear my camera around my neck or across my body, I ALWAYS accidentally bonk one of my kids on the head when I bend down or turn to the side.  When I wear it on just one shoulder, the second I turn in any direction my camera hits the door or a wall or some piece of furniture.  This strap solves that problem by securely hugging your body.  

10. Showcase her favorite photographs on stationary or in a photo book.  I love this magnetic weekly notepad trio from Pinhole Press!

Happy shopping!