coming out of his shell

jaden has always been a bit of a recluse- preferring to play by himself in the corner rather than interact with other kids.  he fears new things, changes, strangers, and anything that could potentially cause him physical harm like climbing or riding.  he rarely ever has a bruise or scrape on his body and proceeds with caution in everything he does.  but recently, he's been loosening up on his meticulous ways.  my shy and overly cautious little boy is finally coming out of his shell.

he's been climbing fearlessly and exploring the world without needing me to be within arm's reach.  and just this past week he asked me to push him higher and faster on the swings when just a few weeks ago he wouldn't even go near a swing. 

i think having a little sister has really opened up his world.  as an older brother he's not only learned to share and love but he's learned to be confident and courageous.   he's got a little companion that follows him around all day and she just so happens to be a little dare devil.  through everly, he's learned to take risks and even cause a little bit of trouble.  he's become so brave these past few weeks. 

these two have become partners in crime and it makes me so happy to see them laugh, play, and conspire together.  hope they continue to be accomplices forever.