i never thought i'd be the type of mom to get excited over being able to tie my daughter's hair...but i get it now....it truly should be considered a milestone. everly's hair is finally long enough to put in pigtails!

for as long as i can remember i only wanted sons...three boys to be exact.  i thought girls = drama.  i didn't have the best experiences with the female clan growing up and i just felt like girls are so much more complicated, emotional, and fragile.  i didn't know i wanted a girl until i had one.  this may sound cliche but i now understand why everyone says that you need to have at least one daughter.  no, i don't expect to be everly's best friend and it isn't my dream that she wear my wedding dress for her own wedding but there really is something special between a mom and her daughter.  and i'm so thankful to be able to experience that.  i think i have a lot to learn from her.  she's already changed me in so many ways. 

before everly was born, i was your typical anti-pink [even anti-purple] mom.  i swore my daughter wouldn't ever wear pink, bows in her hair, or tutus.  i hate princesses, dolls, and tiaras.  i was determined to raise a tomboy to avoid having to watch disney princess movies and avoid buying dolls that scare the living daylights out of me.  but alas, i have changed.  i've let go of the idea of avoiding all things girly because everly just so happens to look good in the color pink and people are less likely to ask me if i have two sons when she has a bow in her hair.  that and the whole urban babies wear black look doesn't really look good on her.  and if she ends up loving princesses and tiaras, then i will learn to love it too. or at least embrace it.

i do still worry about things like peer pressure, body image, puberty, mean girls, boyfriends, and heartbreaks but i still have a decade or so to prepare myself, right?