our sunday in pictures.

 [papa feeding everly pizza]

{food is the way to everly's heart. i knew there had to be a reason why her second word was "papa."  she STILL doesn't know my name.  she can say the words more, papa, cat, cheese, bak-bear [blackberries], jayjay [jaden], pad [iPad], bath, ball, peesh [please], wa-wa [water], and car.  but not mama or mommy or even ma.  :(   papa gives her yummy food like pizza, fruit roll-up, jello, you name it.  in her eyes, i must just be the lady that provides spinach, broccoli, and carrots.  *le sigh*}

[pizza. tabasco sauce. coke.  the last two are staples in our house.]

[very sick hubby]

{he came home post call with loads of pizza, chicken wings, and chips and dip for superbowl sunday and didn't get to enjoy any of it.  he's caught that really bad [and highly contagious] stomach bug that's been going around. in fear of the kiddos getting infected, i've been carrying a bottle of rubbing alcohol with me all day disinfecting anything he comes in contact with.   poor guy is on call again tomorrow, too.  let's hope the worst of it passes tonight.}

[the many faces of jaden]

{why do they call it the terrible twos?  they should call it the terrible threes.  i know i've been blessed with two really well behaved kids but what's with the emotional mood swings?  one minute he's laughing because a piece of paper fell to the floor and the next minute he's upset that i threw away that dried up piece of play-dough that's been rolling around the living room.  he's only three...what will it be like when he's thirteen?  oy-vey.}