picture a day :: day twenty eight

her very first time-out.

together they tore up an entire book of stickers and stuck dozens of them on the wall. 
when i found them, they were covered from head to toe with bits and pieces of sesame street character stickers.   elmo's arm on everly's forehead, big bird's head on the bottom of jaden's feet, cookie monster's leg on everly's back.   AND about a hundred decapitated and amputated sesame street monsters on the wall.

it was a pretty funny and adorable sight to see and they sure had a lot of fun but the rule is NO STICKERS on the WALL or FLOOR, only on paper.  jaden knows this.  do you know how difficult and time consuming it is to remove stickers off the wall? i  already had to remind him earlier in the day about this rule so, since it happened again, he was getting a time-out. 

"but..mommy...everly time-out too."  teary-eyed, he turns to his sister and says: "ever rip book. no, ever!....no ripping sticker book.  time-out!"  if he knew the word "unfair" he would have used it.  he felt injustice that only he was getting punished. 

SO,  everly had her very first time-out today.  and she enjoyed every second on that chair.  she's still too young to fully understand consequences but hey...i gotta be fair, right?