happy new year!

looking back on 2012, i'd have to say this year was a true blessing.  one word keeps coming up in my head as i recount the months - contentment.   while it felt like most of the time i was struggling with adjusting to being a mom of two, 2012 brought out the best in me. balancing a full blown toddler with a mind of his own and a vivacious and active infant wasn't easy but i'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.  these two munchkins have brought out the best in me that i once thought would never surface again.  they've taught me to love unconditionally and remind me everyday the value of patience. this year i discovered that being a mom is what i do best and what makes me genuinely happy.

and so i look forward to another wonderful, wild, and fun-filled year with my family.  welcome, 2013!

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