everly isabelle

my dearest everly, 

though this blog is dedicated to both you and your brother, i've named it after you.  this is a story about our family.  our life after you were born.  this is about our happily ever after.  

daddy and i couldn't come to an agreement on a name for you for months.  i liked the names ever and ellie and daddy liked the name isabella.  he used to even call you "bella" in my belly.  though i like the name isabella, it's a really popular name right now and i didn't want you to deal with being one of multiple isabellas in your class. daddy eventually came around and agreed on everly after he found out that his own name, eric, means "eternal ruler."  his logic was ever = eternal and he loved the idea of your names having similar meanings.  we compromised on isabelle and not isabella for your middle name because it's less common and everly isabelle sounded better than everly isabella.  the fact that you and daddy would have the same initials, EIJ, sealed the deal.  

we are so blessed to have you.  we are so excited to see you and jaden grow up together.  we love you so very much.