Cedar Key

Since we're only in Florida for a few years,  we've made a bucket list of places to visit before we move again.  Minus the major theme parks, most of the places are beaches and springs.  Eric doesn't get many days off but when we're lucky enough to have him for a whole weekend, we make it a point to make an overnight or day trip to the beach.  Our last beach trip was to Cedar Key and I absolutely fell in love.  It is a small, quaint, and old-fashion little island that is rich with history of old Florida.  I loved how it wasn't too touristy but you could just walk around and look at the beautiful old buildings.  We didn't go swimming in the Gulf but we did get to see dolphins playing near the shore. The kids spent most of their time collecting shells and building sandcastles with that beautiful, soft, white, glittery sand.  Next time, I think we'll try taking the kids fishing at Cedar Key.

Happy mid-week!