everly turns 4!

everly turned four last weekend and she requested a trip to chuck e cheese and a steak dinner for her birthday. we gave her the option of having a party with friends or receiving a bigger birthday gift and she chose the latter.  she's been dying for a play kitchen so we bought her this one and it took over four hours for me to build!  the labor of love.  

recently she's been turning into a total girly girl and asks for very specific hairstyles in the morning like looped pigtails and one-sided braids.  she's also been really into jewelry and earrings so on her birthday weekend we took her to get her ears pierced and go in for a hair trim.  she got total princess treatment and she loved it!
my dearest everly,

you hold a special place in my heart because you will forever be the baby of the family.  i don't know how your tiny little body can be SO energetic and full of emotions but you certainly know how to grab and keep everyone's attention around you.  you are the spunkiest, sweetest, and most fearless little four year old i know.  this year, you started full time preschool and you immediately created a reputation of being the most cheerful, caring, and talkative student in class.  your teacher always has the funniest stories to tell me about your day.  you spent the first month of school introducing yourself over and over to anyone that passed you.  with full confidence you said: "hi! i'm everly!  i'm from chicago.  i have a brother jaden.  he's five."  you also have a wild imagination and can talk forever about your pretend adventures with purple three-eyed monsters or pink cows that can fly.  you try my patience on a daily basis but you are always quick to apologize and make it nearly impossible, with your infectious smile, to stay angry.  i love you more than words can express and i hope you never lose your high-spirited nature.  


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