DIY kids paleontologist costume!

hatvest  /  binoculars  /  paintbrushes  /  compass  /  cargo pants  /  messenger bag  /  notebook  /  magnifying glass  /  field tools  /  boots 

my days of putting the kids in coordinating halloween costumes are over.  i really wanted to do little red riding hood and the big bad wolf this year but jaden wasn't too thrilled with being a bad wolf.   so then i suggested dressing up as minions and having jaden be a yellow minion and everly the evil purple minion (haha) and of course she wasn't too happy about it.  so i loosened the reins and let them each choose to be whatever they want.  everly has decided to be a cat (yes!  so easy!) and jaden a paleontologist.  unfortunately, there aren't very many good paleontologist costumes out there for kids so i put together my own with some things we already have at home, along with a few new items i purchased online.   the kids are SO ready for halloween!

and just for kicks, here's a look back at the past three years:
farmer and his pumpkin / curious george and the man in the yellow hat / wolverine and thor

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