i am officially a PTA mom.  jaden started kindergarten last week and he absolutely loves it!  with both kids in school all day, i am no longer a diaper bag toting mom!  okay, so my kids have been out of diapers for quite some time now but i still carried around extra clothes, sunblock, and snacks everywhere we went.  it feels so liberating not lugging around a heavy bag.  and i am now able to finish my cup of morning coffee while it's still hot, use the bathroom in peace, and maintain a relatively tidy house (at least until the kids come home.)
first day of kindergarten
i hate to admit it but jaden's first day of school was more nerve wrecking for me than it was for him.   while he was full of excitement, i worried that he might get lost or that he wouldn't be able to open his lunch thermos or that he would be too shy to let his teacher know when he needed to use the restroom.  who would he play with at recess?  who will he sit next to at lunchtime?  will he be able to introduce himself and make friends on his own?   i realized that day that i might be a slight helicopter mom. haha.  i totally expected myself to do a happy dance after drop off and party it up at Target like these hilarious moms but i left feeling a tad bit empty.  then, as soon as i got into the car, i got a facebook timehop notification that said "we thought you'd like to look back on this post from 5 years ago" and i saw these images:
and that lead to looking at more pictures from the past and then suddenly i became that mom sitting in her car in the school parking lot crying after the first day of school drop off.  i blame facebook.  but seriously,  just look at how small he was...
first day of preschool //  first day of kindergarten

it's amazing how much he's grown.  i can't believe i now have an elementary aged kid.  i remember my first day of school like it was yesterday.  nothing makes you feel older than realizing that kindergarten was 27 years ago!  

now that my afternoons are free, hopefully i'll have more time to give this much neglected blog some love and attention.  ;)

hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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