back to school!

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everly started full time preschool a month ago, a few days after we moved to florida.  i was hoping to start her in the fall, after she got adjusted to the move, but her school has a notoriously long wait list and we didn't want to risk losing her spot.  we've been on the wait list for over a year (apparently, some people submit applications as soon as they conceive!), so when they called about an open spot, we immediately accepted.  everly's only been to part-time school (6 hours a week) so i was worried that it'd be too much for her but she happily dived right in and has been loving it.  her personality has been shining and she is more talkative and outgoing than ever.
it's always amazing to see the personality differences between my two kids.  when starting a new school or class, jaden gets super nervous and usually needs extra time to adjust.  everly, on the other hand, rarely gets nervous.  even when she needed to get her physical and immunization shots for school, she didn't shed a single tear.  in fact, she claims that the shot tickled and asked when she can get another one!
with everly now in school all day, i've been able to spend some much needed one and one time with jaden.  he's been experiencing slight regression and reverting back to toddler behavior.  i don't know if it's because of the move or because he has a rambunctious little sister that usually takes up everyone's attention but we've been slowly working on it.  it's hard not to get annoyed when a five year old acts like a two year old but i've found that ignoring his negative behavior and focusing on all the positives has been beneficial.  hopefully he'll feel more comfortable and secure in time for kindergarten.  next week, i plan to take him shopping for back to school and start checking off items from his school supply list which i think will help him prepare for his first day. 
as i've been writing this post, jaden's been coming up to me every two minutes asking if it's time to go pick up his sister from school yet.  so, we are going to head out now and pick her up early today!  i'm so glad it's friday.  hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!  

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