the big 5!

jaden turned five this past weekend and we invited a dozen of his closest friends to the Exploratorium to celebrate the big day.  we had a simple superhero (marvel + dc comic) themed party, but i am so sad to report that i wasn't able to take any pictures during the event because i was too busy hosting.  i handmade most of all the decorations, so i was pretty bummed that i didn't get a chance to snap any pictures of  all my hard work!  on the bright side, the party was a huge success and all the kids had a blast!

(the banner was made from burlap + paint and the skyline from black poster board.)

(the buildings were made from empty boxes and were used at the party as a prop for a superhero photo booth.)  

dearest jaden,

how has it already been five years since the day you were born?  it seriously feels like it was just yesterday.  december 6, 2009 was the day you officially made me a mommy.  labor took more than 12 hours, and to top it off you gave all of us a big scare by deciding to hold your breath upon arrival. you went to the NICU, got a lumbar puncture, and were given all sorts of antibiotics.  we were lucky in the end because it all amounted to nothing, and in retrospect i truly believe that it was you just being the cautious little being that you are.  it's funny because you are still the most cautious kid i've ever met and always need a little bit of extra time to adjust to new surroundings.  but just like those first few hours of your life, you always come out strong and confident.

you are so very smart and funny.  you've become such a great older brother, and always look out for your little sister.  you are sweet, and always full of compliments. i love how you write me cute short letters. we've signed you up for basketball, tennis, and gymnastics to keep you busy. you are also attending your second year of preschool, but sometimes i worry that i'm not challenging you enough academically. still yet, i have no doubt that you will succeed in life.  i love you so much.

happy birthday jay-jay.


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