hello and happy june!  i can't believe summer is already almost here.  this summer will be extra special for us because it'll be our very last in chicago.  eric matched into a cardiac surgery fellowship in gainesville, florida, and we'll be moving there this time next year.  it'll be a big change for all of us.  especially for our kiddos who were born in the midwest, where for more than half the year it's a polar vortex.  from my research, gainesville is the stark opposite, because it's hot and humid, and the forecast is always 0% likelihood of snow!  i'm excited to be leaving the arctic weather, but i'm really not a fan of humidity, and/or the ginormous bugs that come with it.  with all the stories of alligators, i hope to never actually come face to face with one! this being said, i think change will be a great experience for us.  

having grown up in LA, i've always considered socal my home-base but sometime between getting married and having children, chicago became home sweet home.  i've spent my entire adulthood here.  the condo we live in now is where i started my life as a wife and mom.  it'll definitely be hard to leave but at the same time i'm excited to see what's in store for us in florida. sadly, we'll be even farther away from close friends and family.  on the bright side, it's less than a two hour drive from Orlando so there will be plenty to see and explore. also, the cost of living will be much lower so it'll be nice having more space and a big yard for the kids and dog.

we have a whole year to prepare for our move and i plan to make the most out of each and every month before moving to gatorville!

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