life lately

i've been busy catching up with life recently.  our days have been filled with museum visits, t-ball lessons, indoor play spaces, libraries, and bookstores.  i had a major case of mommy guilt for being sick for so long and utilizing the iPad one too many times as a babysitter, so i've been trying to make it up to the kids.   

we also tagged along with eric to madison, wisconsin a few weeks ago.  that was a nice treat!  eric's been busy flying all over the country for fellowship interviews and it was fun to be able to take a short road trip to wisconsin as a family.  in just a few months, we'll know whether we'll be sticking around in chicago for a few more years, moving back to SoCal, or making the move to a brand new state!  we've grown to love chicago but i'm rooting for a change of scenery.  or maybe i'm just sick of this winter and i'll change my mind once spring gets here. we are all SO over this winter!  spring, we are eagerly awaiting your arrival!
everly's cute flower hair clip from skippee's etsy shop!
hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  happy monday!  

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