happy holidays!

hello!  my apologies for the lack of posts.  i'm almost embarrassed to report that i'm still sick.  :(
we all caught hand, foot, mouth disease at the end of october but somehow i just haven't been well ever since. the kids and i had a severe strain of coxsackie, so not only did we get the common rash on our hands and feet, but afterwards our nails fell off too!  i'll spare you all the rest of the gory details. today, i just wanted to drop by and say happy holidays!  i have a few posts i want to share soon, including jaden's birthday which was a few weeks ago.

we haven't been able to get out much these days but we did go to see zoolights and meet santa at a local indoor playspace.  jaden was so excited to meet santa and requested playdoh for christmas. everly, on the other hand, refused to sit on santa's lap and kicked him in the knees before running out of the room.
i can't believe christmas is already over and we're about to ring in the new year! we spent christmas morning opening gifts and the rest of the day in our pjs.  it was unproductive, and relaxing, so it was just perfect.

hope everyone had a wonderful christmas!  thanks for dropping by and happy almost new year!

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