everly turns two!

my dearest everly,
i've been taking pictures of you every month for the last two years and it's SO amazing seeing your growth! when you smile, it brightens up the whole room.   i've never met anymore more affectionate than you [well, except your father.  but you get that from him :)]. when you laugh, it's contagious beyond control.  you are a ball of energy. you spend all day bouncing, singing, and dancing, and so our house always looks like it got hit by a tornado!  you now call me "mommy" and still call daddy "papa."  when jaden is in school, you miss him so much and eagerly wait until it's time to pick him up.  you've learned the power of the word "no" and use it quite frequently.  NO SWEEP! [sleep],  NO BRUTH TEE! [teeth], NO JAY-WEN! [whenever you fight with big brother].  since you have a constant need to climb, we bought an indoor slide for your birthday and you now spend at least an hour a day climbing it and pushing cars/train down on it.  we love you so much and look forward to the years ahead! thank you for bringing so much joy and excitement to our family.


Everly turned two last friday and we had a low key family celebration at home.  she absolutely loved it and refused to get off her highchair where she received star treatment!

i can't believe november is already coming to an end.  happy almost thanksgiving!

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