man in the yellow hat costume

we're huge fans of curious george over here so i thought it'd be perfect to make jaden the man in the yellow hat and everly curious george for halloween.  we already had a monkey costume for everly so all we needed was the costume for jaden.  i searched and searched online for the man in the yellow hat costume for toddlers but i could only find ones for adults.  i did find a couple places on etsy that make it but i wasn't entirely satisfied with any of them.  so, i set out to put it together myself.  here's a round-up of what i found to make your own man in the yellow hat costume.  
dress shirt  /  hat  /  boots  /  pant  /  tie  / curious george monkey

i'm going to have jaden carry the curious george stuffed doll when he goes to school on halloween since he can't take his little sister monkey with him.  we also cut out circles from black peel & stick felt and put it on the tie.  i thought about making my own felt hat but decided it'd be easier to use the dick tracy one - good enough, right?  and those brown boot are perfect for the costume but i don't think we'd make good use out of it after halloween so i'm going to put jaden in his black snow boots instead.  i love costumes that you can make use of after halloween!   
on a side note: did you know that curious george is not actually a monkey?  jaden told me, "curious george doesn't have a tail so he's an ape...a chimpanzee."  so i did my due diligence as a mother, and i googled it. :) and guess what, apparently my three year old son is absolutely right! jaden really only mentioned it because he's deeply bothered that everly is supposed to be curious george, but she's in fact wearing a monkey costume.  it's gotten to the point where i've been debating whether i should just cut off the tail of everly's costume to make jaden happy....but maybe not, since i think the tail is the cutest part!  

i've never been a fan of halloween but becoming a mom has made me look forward to it every year! 

happy monday and thanks for dropping by!  

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