apple pickin'

this past weekend we went apple picking at honey hill orchard and though it started raining mid-pickin', it was well worth the muddy shoes and soggy clothes.  after seeing someone take a bite out of one directly off the floor, everly made it her mission to taste every apple that had fallen under each tree.  when we told her that it's not okay to eat off the ground, she started taking bites into apples still hanging on the trees!  so, our apologies to anyone who happens to come across an unpicked apple with tiny teeth marks at honey hill.  we're not really an apple family (we're more orange/banana/strawberry people), but there's something so delectable about picking your own that makes you savor each bite of that crisp sweetness.  we'll definitely be going back next year!
i've been loving all these fall festivities!  i can't wait for halloween and thanksgiving.  happy hump day!

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