9 great halloween favors

i've been spending a little too much time over on pinterest recently....but i have a good excuse!  i've been looking for some unique halloween favor ideas for jaden's class and i've come across quite a few good ones. here's a round-up of my top nine favorite ideas from around the web with a link to the original source.

1.  cute diy owl favor bags  2.  simple hershey's chocolate bar mummies  3.  crepe-paper pumpkin pouches  4.  boo dough  5.  not so scary spider lollipops  6. super easy paper ghost favor bags  7.  homemade pumpkin spiced playdough  8.  hilarious pumpkin poo  9.  adorable and healthy cutie clementine pumpkins

i can't decide between the hershey's chocolate bar mummies, pumpkin poo, or cutie clementine pumpkins! the clementines would be a great healthy alternative to candy but who wants fruit on halloween?!?!  the pumpkin poo would be a good non-sugary snack for the kids but i'm certain jaden would prefer the chocolate mummies.  do i go for kid-approved or mommy-approved favors?  hmm...decisions, decisions...

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