catching up

the last two weeks of having a husband around 24/7 was so wonderful, i'm dreading going back to our regularly programmed schedule.  during his vacation we went on two dates - each only two hours long but i'm not complaining!  it was so nice to eat lunch peacefully and carry on a conversation without being interrupted every two minutes by the munchkins.  we hadn't been on a date in almost two years!  and we rented a movie every single night after the kids went down.

i was also going through a slight social media/technology burn-out because i usually always take advantage of eric's presence to catch up on instagram, pinterest, blogging, and photography but it's like my mind mentally unplugged and i had absolutely no desire to gram, pin, write, or take pictures.  i didn't completely unplug but even just a little bit of a break from it all was rejuvenating.  i think we all need to unplug sometimes. 

and now i need to catch up on tasks that have been on hold for the last couple of weeks and get back to the daily grind...

hope everyone has a great labor day.  oh, and happy september!

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