enjoying life

it's amazing how easy it is to forget to just stop and live life.  i get so caught up in the day to day grind that i'm usually in survival mode.  i'm always tired, but always on the go.

eric's been on vacation for the past week and although we've had no set agenda, it's been great!  we've done a lot of the stuff i usually do on my own, like household chores and market runs but there is something about having an extra pair of eyes that makes everything so much more pleasant.

yesterday, we picked up some ice cream at the japanese market and relished it outside in the warm sun.  as i watched jaden and everly savoring their ice cream cones, i found myself stressing over the sticky mess they were making.  out of nowhere jaden squealed, "thank you mommy, ice cream always makes me sooo happy!!!"  i think that made something click, because i realized that i needed to stop worrying and enjoy the moment.  i guess sometimes you need to listen to a three year old just so you can remember what really matters in life.  

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