four years ago today...

photo credit: jonilyn brown

four years ago today i married the love of my life.

in honor of our anniversary, i'm doing something totally out of character.  i'm publicly making a list of ten things i love about my hubby. [oh, hi eric.  i know you read this.  hope this puts a smile on your face]

//  Ten Things I Love About Eric  //

 10.  he always opens and closes the car door for me. 

9.  he randomly buys me flowers for no reason.

8.  he's a jack of all trades, master of none surgery.  there really is nothing he's not good at.  he's a superstar basketball player, great cook, fixer of all things, great writer, great surgeon, great singer and dancer, a human calculator, social butterfly, necklace detangler, opener of all jars, bug catcher....i could go on forever.

7. he thinks the lyrics to Tupac's California Love is "california, no can't afford it" instead of "california, knows how to party."

6.  he text messages me throughout the day at work.

5.  he shows off videos/pictures of our kids to coworkers, friends, bosses, neighbors, optometrist, etc.

4.  he's romantic.  he always has been and marriage and kids hasn't changed that one bit. 

3.  he loves his job.  he's never once complained about his crazy hours.  he frequently goes 38 hours straight without sleep or food and he comes home happy that he got an opportunity to work on a great case.

2.  he gets me.  like really understands me.  my thoughts and emotions are generally all over the place and he keeps me grounded and sane.  he thinks i'm kookoo and yet he still loves me. 

1.  he's a great father.  he's the tickle monster, the giver of all yummy treats, the disciplinarian, the human airplane flyer, the invincible wrestler, the kisser of all boo-boos.  he always actively plays with the kids and can magically turn tears into belly laughs.  he's always the highlight of their day. 

photo by: jonilyn brown

happy anniversary, love.