back to reality

sorry for the crickets over here this past week. my dearest friends were in town visiting and we were  busy being tourists in our own city.  eric had a rare golden weekend [he had both days off] so I was able to have my first [and hopefully not last] girl's night out without the kids.  though it was just a few hours, it was a much needed break.  i didn't even realize how much i needed it until i had it.   it's funny how much i've changed as a mom of two.  as a mom of one, i'd feel so guilty leaving jaden for a few hours but as a mom of two i couldn't get out the door fast enough.    it's been a while since i've really done anything outside of being a mom and wife and it felt good being with friends.  we spent our days laughing so hard our tears were rolling down our faces.  and we spent our nights chit chatting away until our eyes couldn't fight the exhaustion. i think every mom needs to have some "me" time away from kids. i know i did.  and now it's back to reality but i feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to the daily grind.  here are some pictures of our past week. 

and some iphone pictures of our excursions:

 Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!