everly's favorite books - age one

Here are Everly's favorite books at sixteen months old.  Most of these are about her current obsessions - animals and body parts. 

1. Where is Baby's Bellybutton?
A fun lift-the-flap peek-a-boo book that never seems to get old.  The books asks questions ("where are baby's eyes?") and baby lifts the flap to get the answer ("under her hat!"). Our family loves the whole Karen Katz series.

2. Moo Baa La La La!
Endearing pictures and rhythmic words make this very entertaining for both babies and young toddlers.   Everly first learned how to make animal sounds because of this book. 

3. My Big Animal Book
Perfect book for babies who love animals!  This book is huge and full of bright, bold photographs of all the different animals from pets to farm animals to birds.

4. Elmo Says...
Huge hit with both my kids at age one.  It is rendition of "simon says" but with Elmo.  Everly can follow all the instructions and gets a kick out of it every single time.  Elmo says touch your nose, Elmo says shake, Elmo says pretend to sleep!  Very interactive and engaging.

5. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
This book does a wonderful job of teaching young toddlers colors and animals.  The repetitive text makes it easy for little ones to memorize.  This classic has been a hit with both my kids.

6. Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?
The most silliest, funny book we own.  Everly gets fascinated by all the different noises and Jaden still loves this book at age three.  There isn't a sounds Mr. Brown can't do - from a hippo's gum chewing (grum, grum) to the sound of rain (dipple, dipple, dipple, dot) to a goldfish kiss (pip!)  My kids find this book hilarious. 

7. Tubby
We love all of Leslie Patricelli's books but this one seems to be the favorite.  It has simple text and very cute illustrations.  Everly currently loves bath time so naturally she relates to this book.

8. I Love You Through and Through
Beautifully written book that will touch the hearts of children of every age.  The rhymes are thoughtful and the illustrations simply adorable.  This is a straight forward book that reinforces to kids that their parents love them no matter what. I think this is one of Everly's favorites because with each body part (i.e, I love your fingers and toes) I kiss her corresponding body part and she giggles every time!

9.  The Zoo I Drew
Both Jaden and Everly immediately fell in love with this book.  Jaden still thinks it's funny and Everly loves the bright, funny illustrations of the animals.  This is an animal alphabet book (A is for alligator, B is for beaver, etc) and it is both educational and entertaining.  The only downfall is that I couldn't find it in a board book form (we have the hardcover with paper pages) so the pages have been torn and taped again and again.  Our book isn't in the best condition but it sure does look loved!

10. One Fish, Two Fish, Three, Four, Five Fish!
This book has five fish-shaped beads that move across the top which makes it fun for babies to play with and helps them learn to count and learn their colors.  This is a short version of the classic and is simple and short enough to keep the attention of young toddlers.

Hope your kiddos enjoy these books as much as mine!