two years ago today...

these photos were taken exactly two years ago today. 

jaden was 14 months, the same age as everly is now, but he was so much bigger and heavier than her.  everly is so tiny many people think she's only 9 months old and get impressed when they see such a tiny little thing walking and climbing.  jaden didn't start walking until he was 17 months old so we were still carrying him around in these pictures. everly is so much more independent than her brother.  it's fun seeing their personality differences.  they are like polar opposites.  jaden the quiet and cautious rule abide-r and everly the loud and adventurous rule breaker.  jaden the nerd bucket [he knew the entire alphabet and phonics like the back of his hand by 14 months] and everly the explorer [she moves furniture around so she can use it to climb and get to areas she hasn't yet discovered - like the kitchen counter.] 

i love seeing the dynamics of their relationship unfold.  jaden follows everly's lead and not the other way around.  but he's also become a lot more confident since becoming an older brother.  life used to be pretty predictable and quiet around here before little sister came along.  now everyday is an adventure.  she brings some much needed pizazz to our family.