life is good

i'm still recovering from a stomach flu that both everly and i caught from eric and i'm also suffering from a really bad throbbing ear infection.  i can feel [hear?] a pulse in my ear so intensely that i can't concentrate on much else.    the entire left side of my face hurts so much i can't sleep on that side or let alone chew my food without wincing. 

there are many days i feel like a "single" married mom because i do everything on my own.  every.single.thing.  that's what sucks about being married to a surgeon.  he's never home.  and when he is home.....he's always sleeping.  i don't blame him.  poor guy needs his sleep but sometimes it kinda sucks for me.  BUT, today was not one of those days.  today i had a husband.  a great husband.  i might have totally milked the sick card but it was SO worth it. 

eric was post call and came home earlier than usual so he let me sleep in for a few hours, fed and played with the babies, AND made me a delicious and hearty breakfast.  then we went for a much needed family walk to the park and later he took jaden out to run some errands. he left everly at home with me but it was my lucky day because she took a nap for over TWO hours while they were gone.  he also wrote me a prescription [one of the very few perks of being married to a doctor] and picked it up from the pharmacy.  he even brought home take-out for dinner and bought me one of those giant Toblerone chocolate bars [which i may have finished in one sitting].  LIFE IS GOOD.  :)

anyways, here are some pictures from our family walk today because rain or shine...sick or not...i can't help but take my camera out with me.

 [this is kaila.  our first baby.  she's a seven years old siberian husky with one blue eye and one half blue/half hazel eye.  we've had her since she was 2 months old.  eric bought her for me during our senior year in college.  she is the most gentle and cautious dog i've ever met.  i just realized today that i haven't taken many pictures of her recently.  poor girl probably feels a bit Lady and the Tramp-ed after jaden and everly was born.]

[my three babies]

[everly lost as usual]

[jaden saying "ever, come here.  this way!  hurry, hurry!"]

and my earache is back now so i'm off to take some more medication and hopefully have a peaceful night's sleep.