tips for picture a day for one month

yay!  i've completed my picture a day for a month of my children for this year.  i started this project last year as a way to get myself to pick up my real camera more and not just use my phone to capture everyday moments.  i wish i was more dedicated and could do a project 365, but even a month for me is challenging.  here are a few tips if you are interested in doing a photo project yourself.

1. you don't have to start on january 1st.  the great thing about doing a photo project for only a month is you can start at the beginning of any month of the year.

2. always carry your camera with you.  this is probably the hardest part. i have two little munchkins, a bulky heavy diaper bag [stocked full of extra clothes, diapers, snacks], and a huge camera on top of that isn't fun.  but whenever i go out and leave my camera at home, i always regret it. 

3.  always take a picture first thing in the morning [e.g. a picture of them eating breakfast or brushing their teeth].  that way if you end up having a busy day and you didn't get to take any pictures, you already have one.

4. if your mornings are busy and you didn't have time to take any photos during the day, you always have bedtime rituals.  capture them in the bath, in their pjs, or reading a book.  if you still find that you forgot to take a picture, you can always sneak in a shot of them sleeping.

5.  don't cheat.  keep it real.  if you forget to take a shot one day, that's okay.  this project is supposed to be fun and a great way to capture REAL, everyday moments.

how do you get the date and time stamp on your pictures?
i use an app on my iphone called Phonto.  the font i use is Remington Noiseless.  you can also do this with any program that allows you to add text like Picmonkey or Paint.  

how did you make the collage of all your pictures for the month?
i use an app on my phone called Project 365.