picture a day :: day twenty four

she kissed, hugged, and put the baby doll down to sleep.

i wonder if it's instinctual for girls to be nurturing and motherly.  jaden never liked dolls.  he would chuck them to the floor.  but everly, she's so gentle with them.   she looked at that doll straight in the eyes, kissed it, brought it up to her shoulders and gave it a nice squeeze.  then she slowly put it down on that giant triangle foam block and patted it to sleep.  babies never cease to amaze me. 

this may sound selfish, but i kind of hoped she wouldn't like dolls.  i have a slight fear of dolls and barbies.  i have my sisters to thank for that.  they let me watch the movie Child's Play with them when i was way too young and i had nightmares about Chucky for years.  i'm okay with stuffed dolls but those plastic ones with eyelids that move and look like they're going to come to life in the middle of the night....no thank you.  

hopefully she doesn't mind playing with only stuffed dolls.  everly, please don't become obsessed with American Girl dolls.