happy 3rd birthday, jaden!

happy birthday to the boy that made me a momma.   though you will  never remember those first two years when it was just you and me all day, everyday...i will forever cherish those moments where i learned to take care of a tiny human being and learn to love like i've never loved before.  can't believe you are already three years old.

you have grown to be quite a character.  you are so very intelligent and funny.  you started reading at 2.5 years old and now you are reading at first grade level!  you can count to 100 and understand simple addition.    you  never cease to amaze us.  i don't know why i'm so shocked considering you knew the alphabet like the back of your hand at only 14 months.  two and a half was actually HUGE for you - you learned all 50 states and their location (see here), you started spelling every word that you could possibly think of (see here), and you learned to potty train in just one day! you prefer doing puzzles over going outside to play and you are still very shy when it comes to social settings.   but like every other boy, you find farting ridiculously hilarious and you have finally learned that getting your hands dirty can be fun and not something to cry over or stress about.  

you are still as picky as ever when it comes to eating but we're not worried considering you are 90th percentile in weight and 50th percentile in height.  you are a vegetarian by choice and have been for over a year now.  you won't eat ANY type of meat.  luckily, you like tofu, eggs, and nuts.  

you are growing up to be such a good brother.  you share your food and feed everly without being asked to and you pick up after her mess.  i frequently find you holding her and hugging her and i hope that you two will grow up to be the best of friends.  

we love you so very much, jaybird.  

i decided to interview you every year on your birthday to see how your favorite things and interests change over the years. here is your interview for this year: