a year of everly

my dear everly,

please.stop.growing.up.so.fast.  the thought of you losing that precious baby smell, that i love to inhale every morning, makes me wish time wouldn't fly by so quickly.  you were a newborn for what felt like 2 days.  you have always been so advanced in your physical milestones and have such sharp cognitive awareness that early on you became a tiny person and not just a helpless little baby.  you are like the energizer bunny - you keep going and going and going...constantly on the move.  you are so full of energy that starting at 5 months I could no longer take these monthly pictures of you by myself.  you made it your mission to jump off that chair each and every time.  i put pillows on the floor to cushion your fall but that only encouraged you to do it more.  so i brought in our handy dandy photo assistant, papa, to stand there and catch you.  you have grown to be such a beautiful and vibrant little being.  i love you to pieces.


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