March 1, 2015

everly says....

"happy new reindeers!"  (happy new years!)

"i want jungle smarsh mellows."  (i want jumbo marshmallows)

at the zoo, pointing to a gorilla:  "it's a chimp-boon!"  (chimpanzee + baboon)

when making a mistake:  "oopsy doinks!"

after passing a house that was being painted:  "mommy, they need a time out!  you don't paint on walls!  you only paint on paper!"

"my brain is not thinking..."

"what's today?  is it tomorrow or still yesterday?"

while slurping her noodles:  "hey! stop spitting at me, noodles!"

"i'm mad at jayjay!  he keeps cleaning all the toys!  i don't like it clean!"

February 15, 2015


how is it already mid-february?  i've been pretty lazy about carrying my camera around the last two weeks but i did take it out last weekend when we went sledding for the very first time.  it was so much fun and the kids can't wait to go back!  winter is usually so dreadfully long but i've been thoroughly enjoying each and every snowfall and hope that we'll get at least one more snow storm so we can take the kids sledding again.  this is our very last winter in chicago so we got to make the most of it!
hope everyone had a love-filled valentine's day and relaxing long weekend!

January 31, 2015

picture a day | day thirty one

{"papa, do you have to work today?"}

woohoo!  today is the last day of my picture a day for a month project.  it's always exciting wrapping up because it's not easy lugging around my heavy camera all day long!  i still do plan to carry my camera with me as much as possible....just probably not everyday. :)  thanks for following along!

goodbye january!  

January 30, 2015

January 29, 2015

January 28, 2015